Feels Like My Very First Time.

Hello everyone. I am restarting my love to write about my emotions, life and anything in between.  I’m a future doctor with so much ahead of me.  I forgot along the way to be grateful for what I had.  I lost myself to the stressful and competitive environment a medical program contains.  I recently discovered how bad my anger issues really were and the re-surfacing of my anxiety.  I lost a wonderful, now ex-boyfriend and best friend due to my lack of control.  I’m currently going to therapy for the first time and doing daily self-reflection. So why not share and be able to look back at your growth.

Expressing my emotions is tough sometimes due to my very conservative family and being an introvert. As a therapy session once taught me, I am terrible at expressing positive emotions and my negative emotions are like a shaken soda bottle when it’s opened.

Here I am, on the road to self-discovery ….

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With Much Love,



Author: The Harvest

A 20 something year old, future doctor who thought she had her life together till recently. My parents are immigrants from Dominican Republic. I've lived in different places NY, FL and now MA, however, I will always consider myself a New Yorker. I'm hoping to share my reflection about life events, happiness, sad times, and beauty (inside and outside). I am far from a writer but hope you guys don't mind. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Feels Like My Very First Time.”

  1. Hi molly I really admire u coming out putting your problem in public like this it really helps a lot one of my friend is also suffering from depression and anxiety so I think I have seen how its like to loose control I really admire u coming out

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