Feels Like My Very First Time.

Hello everyone. I am restarting my love to write about my emotions, life and anything in between.  I’m a future doctor with so much ahead of me.  I forgot along the way to be grateful for what I had.  I lost myself to the stressful and competitive environment a medical program contains.  I recently discovered how bad my anger issues really were and the re-surfacing of my anxiety.  I lost a wonderful, now ex-boyfriend and best friend due to my lack of control.  I’m currently going to therapy for the first time and doing daily self-reflection. So why not share and be able to look back at your growth.

Expressing my emotions is tough sometimes due to my very conservative family and being an introvert. As a therapy session once taught me, I am terrible at expressing positive emotions and my negative emotions are like a shaken soda bottle when it’s opened.

Here I am, on the road to self-discovery ….

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With Much Love,